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Good design is what it’s all about

Only if a project is designed and planned successfully it can be successfully executed. Good design consists of the following components:

  • Layout / space planning – What will go where? (Walls, cabinets, fixtures, etc…)
  • Material (products, finishes) selection and specification
  • Budget planning

Lonetree can quickly handle all three for you! While we’re working on the above 3 components (layout, specification, budget planning) we usually like to simultaneously handle the permitting and approval process, including:

  1. Obtain local building department permits (plumbing, electrical, general construction and any other type of architectural/ expediting matters such as special applications and variances)
  2. If you’re living in a condo or coop requiring board and/ or management company approval we’ll handle all of that on your behalf simultaneously with dealing with local permits and applications.

So, as you can see we have a design system that can handle the entire design process using a full service system allowing the design and specification to move along very fast.

Our team of professionals will work directly with you to make sure we design exactly what you are looking for! Then we work with our qualified contractors to ensure your dream is a reality!

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We are a complete design resource for your home, committed to helping you transform your ideas into reality.

At Lonetree Installation Service Ltd, our experienced team of professionals, offer beautiful and innovative design ideas for your Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation.

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